feng shui your home with a bagua map

I'm constantly trying to evoke a feeling of comfort, ease and peacefulness in my home and I am often led down an internet wormhole of advice. i recently came across this more westernized form of feng shui plotting known as a bagua map and was researching the psychology behind it. you may have heard of some well-known feng shui practices -- make sure your desk faces the door, don't position your bed so your feet face the door -- but I was curious about the color and element aspects as well. 

I tend to be skeptical regarding the more superstitious side of feng shui, but I do think there is an aspect of psychology that comes with where you place objects in your home. Having your desk face the door so you won't be startled if someone enters the room or the sense of uneasiness that someone may be standing behind you at any moment does make a lot of sense to me. placing a fountain in the entry to your home, on the other hand, is probably a non-starter for many of us. take a look at the bagua map I created layered with an example home or apartment layout: 

The first key is to make sure you have the door of your home on the bottom part of the map. Turn your home's layout as necessary in order to achieve this. Now you can see where it is recommended to have objects, elements of color and nature placed. In this example, it would be a good idea to place a yellow painting or chair in the living room and a book shelf in the bottom left corner to support knowledge. the love section falls in the bathroom, but you could add in a thriving plant or hang a scenic photo of your honeymoon location to keep the vibes strong. The fire element lands in the bedroom (wink, wink) so adding a few candles to a dresser there would help you thrive in that area. 

Knowledge: Books, Meditation altar
Career: Brightly lit, Mirrors
People + Travel: Photos of vacations, Souvenirs
Health + Family: Family photos, Clean and orderly 
Center: Yellow, Open
Creativity + Children: Crafts, Inspiration board 
Wealth: Plant, Valuables
Fame: Awards, Lucky symbols
Love: Bunch of flowers, Set of chairs (always do things in pairs here)

The key to all of this is really just finding what feels good and using a different method to see and evaluate your space. Why not give a few things a try and see if your sense of balance and prosperity changes in those particular areas? 

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what I'm reading // the girl on the train


If you're an avid reader, you've likely heard rumblings about the girl on the train -- a mystery novel that oozes with hitchcockian suspense. The story revolves around a voyeuristic ex-wife who unveils disturbing truths about her old neighborhood while battling her own alcoholic amnesia. This sharp page-turner -- slightly reminiscent of the novel gone girl -- is filled with unnerving truths and piercing dialogue which expose the sometimes turbulent world of suburban married life. For a story that is constantly building expectations, layering more questions than answers, it would be easy to whimper out with a half-hearted ending. The girl on the train, however, leaves you satiated, chilled to the bone, and salivating for another heart-pounding plot.

In Three words: Affecting. Mysterious. Moody.

current // favorites

It's time for another round of favorites! warning: this one is especially tv-heavy since the weather was rotten the last couple of months. 

1 // Chris picked up this little notepad for me a while ago at jcrew and I'm just loving it. Amazing quality, perfect paper weight, and it looks perfect on my desk. ($10)

2// Togetherness has kind of flown under the radar but Chris and I never miss an episode. The HBO dramedy explores every day life with incredibly moving and imperfect characters in a fresh and unconventional way.

3// I was in a bad place fighting the worst cold and sore throat last month and audible was the light at the end of the tunnel. TV gave me a headache and I couldn't concentrate while reading a book or catching up on blogs. I just wanted to close my eyes and rest. Enter: Audible. my hero. i could lay in bed without suffering from boredom and now I listen while doing dishes, going to the laundry mat and riding the subway. if you're not sure where to start, I highly recommend the girl on the train.

1// If you're constantly experimenting with wavy hair looks, check out Tresseme's perfectly undone mousse. It creates a perfectly piece-y texture to create nice natural waves. Just touch up the finishing look with a wand and you'll cut your styling time in half. ($7)

2// on a chilly night in brooklyn a couple of weeks ago, my friend taught me how to make old fashioneds and I have been mixing and sipping ever since. slightly sweet, slightly zesty, this warming cocktail is a perfect companion when you're tucked up on the couch with your sweetheart. 

3// unbreakable kimmy schmidt popped up on my netflix about a week ago and I devoured the whole first season in two days. I usually watch a lot of mystery crime shows or complex dramas, so it was nice to holiday with this Tina Fey-produced gem. (netflix)

1// i'm a pretty dedicated person when it comes to jeans (usually J.crew and Madewell.) But I picked up a pair of black jeans from H&M a couple of months ago and they have really exceeded my expectations. I practically live in my shaping &denim skinny jeans because they look amazing (thanks, high waist) and retain their shape -- even after days of wear! ($50)

2// my friend Kathleen recommended this show and I was keeping it on the back burner because it has subtitles and requires a lot of attention. The Returned is a french show (that is now being remade in the US) that starts with several people from a small french town returning from the dead with no memory of what happened to them. Think less like the walking dead and more like six feet under. Shrouded with mystery and beautiful acting, you'll burn through the eight episodes in record time. (netflix)

3// Finding an object for your home that is both beautiful and functional can be difficult. In this case, I needed a storage solution for my yoga mat and accessories and chris' boxing gloves that will look nice in our living room. This gorgeous basket ended up being a perfect fit and it looks amazing tucked in the corner. It could hold blankets, magazines, books and firewood as well if it ever needs to be repurposed. ($50)