lean closet // creating a capsule


i started my lean closet journey by figuring out exactly how i wanted to dress this season. ordinarily I'd just think, "if it's cute, buy it." but now that I'm downsizing my wardrobe to have fewer, but better options, I have to be more tactical. first, I decided what i would be doing during this season, what colors I love to wear and words to associate with my "look" so i don't get off track when I go shopping. (weirdly, the word association thing has helped waaaaay more than I thought it would while surrounded by racks of clothes.)

i also went through my pinterest history to find style i wanted to emulate during this season. they had to look like "me," exude the vibe I'm going for, and be appropriate for the events in my schedule. these six were my top choices. they mirror my diagnostic above and use a lot of similar pieces, which will help me whittle down my shopping list. 

next, I actually approached my closet. I took inventory of what I want to wear for the season (and stored the rest) and then added in what I want to add (with the asterisk).

finally, instead of blindly going out shopping for what is cute and ending up with 13 stripe tops, I have more direction. I can set a budget, check items off my list, and start putting outfits together!

happy heart // week 49

fall cleaning

unlike its alter ego spring cleaning, fall cleaning is often ignored in the headlines. perhaps the weather is too inviting and our brains are over-bubbling with pumpkin spice lattes. no matter. if you put in the time now, there will be less stress when it comes to hosting holiday events. make time to shake out the rugs and sweep out the dust bunnies before things get hectic! it's the perfect first step to fall-ify your home.

img via after the cups

apothecary // c.o. bigelow

oh man, i'm this close to throwing out everything in my bathroom and restocking with all of these goodies from c.o. bigelow. but chris would kill me and that would be incredibly wasteful. however, next time i need some mouthwash, i'm skipping the drugstore and heading to the apothecary. stunning!

cool right now // for the fit girl

man, workout gear has never looked cooler. ok, i'm not sure who would work out in that mesh skirt, but apparently it's super badass to throw on after a yoga class. if anything is going to get me off my butt and to the gym, it's cute workout clothes that also lend some streetstyle cred.

color block bra // street sweats // crop jacket // round neck sweater // patterned tank // color block pants // laser cut sweats // mesh skirt // cut out crop