dream closet // annie clark

both times i've seen st. vincent in concert, i've been totally hypnotized by annie clark's amazing style. sleek black tights to show off her killer legs and hours of strutting in heeled booties adds sex appeal to her otherwise quirky, funky style. a big fan of color-blocking and sometimes androgynous looks, clark isn't afraid to take chances. here's what I imagine would fit in with her wardrobe.

sleeved top // leather skirt // dress // oxfords // lipstick // booties // shorts // tank 

happy heart // week 44

i love my couch as much as the next gal, but to me, a happy place is completely separate from the every day. it's a place you can visit when you're feeling uninspired, stressed out or just needing a pick-me-up. think about what spaces make you feel at ease and refreshed. for me, it's always been my parents' backyard, strolling through crate & barrel, and - more recently - napping in chris' childhood bedroom. in my experience, knowing where your happy places are can significantly reduce stress. don't have one? try your hand at a fitness class or Tiffany's a la Holly golightly.

what to wear // on a road trip

With our big move coming up in a couple of weeks, we've decided to drive across the country and visit a few cities along the way. Since I've got to pack up pretty much every thing I own, I've started planning outfits for our five-day drive already. Here's a taste of what I'm thinking ...

denim jacket // green tee // sandals // stripe shirt // green shorts // denim shorts //  jeans // dress // sunglasses // duffle bag // sneaks


happy heart // week 43

cut strips of colorful paper and glue or staple the ends together to create a paper chain counting down to an important event. I created the one pictured above when I was going to visit Chris in Europe a couple of years ago. Even the photos brings back such memories of excitement!  Best of all, they are easy to make and keep your eye on the prize.

weekend warrior // july 18

:: my favorite pin this week from still with you. click here to check out more amazing jewelry ::

this week has been full of moving jitters. minimizing everything we own to fit into a teeny manhattan apartment is going to be tougher than I thought. My strategy so far is to make piles. piles everywhere. donation piles. selling piles. storage piles. moving piles. it's mayhem but I know it'll totally be worth it. I've been wanting a more simplified lifestyle for a while now and this move is forcing me to do it. 

now, it's friday, go play!