weekend warrior

there's been a lot more rearranging around here this week. giving items new homes, reorganizing drawers, hanging art that's been lingering around. it feels like an accomplishment, but there is always so much more to get done. i might pick up a new plant tomorrow afternoon if it's not terribly cold outside. sustaining greenery in the middle of winter can be tough, but it's so worth it. 

we are trying a new restaurant tonight with our friends allie and scott. i'm always amazed at how much there is to explore in our little section of the city. it's true -- you never get bored here. you do, however, need a little break sometimes and I'm ready for one. I'm heading to South Carolina in a couple of weeks to visit my gram with my parents. She rents a place every winter and visits her old friends from when she lived there years ago. I'm hoping for a lot of card games, reading, and walks by the sea. 

now it's friday -- go try something new!

cool right now // dusty pink

i've been seeing this dusty pink color all over shops lately (and all over interior design blogs). I think its a great way to add color that can easily transition from winter to spring. 

It adds unexpected color to an item that could pass as a boring basic in black or gray. This pink is a nude color with a touch of brown to keep it from being too bubblegum. 

clothes // left // center // right

shoes // left // center // right

accessories // left // center // right

happy home // planters


I've had the urge to turn our apartment into a little jungle ever since the leaves have fallen outside. Having a bit of greenery around is so pleasant and helps purify the air in our apartment. I have managed to keep a plant alive on our windowsill so far, so I think I'm ready to step it up. I see a macrame plant hanger in my future ... 

wood // white planter // green vase // caddy // black plant hanger // white hanging planters // stripe planter // polka dot planter // herringbone planter

weekend warrior // january 16

my favorite pin this week (above) via hegeinfrance

Chris and I are going to the Public Theater tonight to see a show followed by dinner and drinks. We definitely need a night out after the busy week we've had. Interviews, assignments and applications galore for the both of us. It's nice to have a little reprieve. A little pamper time and some reading in bed is on schedule for Sunday. 

It's Friday. Go do something fun!

real talk // financially fit

you've probably thought about amping up your fitness routine as a part of your new year's resolutions, but what about your finance routine? I've been cleaning house lately and figured my bills shouldn't be ignored. Before this year, I never took the time to properly organize and label my accordion file system, which stores important receipts, warrantees, rent payment stubs, printed checks and more. All the bills that aren't in that system are easily paid online.

While my digital system is easy to track, I needed a worry-free checklist for my files at home. I ended up creating this monthly bill-pay and budget document that I've printed out and put at the front of my accordion file:


Despite the fact that there are tons of systems online to track these things, I'm a little old-fashioned when it comes to preferring lists and documents in print. I'll eventually transition everything online, but in the meantime, I think this new system will serve me well.

Regardless of how you prefer to have your payments scheduled and important docs organized, January is the perfect time to get back on track for 2015. Review your monthly statements, see what can be cut (or research more affordable options), and set a few financial goals for yourself this year!

download the budget I made for your own use here!