dream closet // zooey deschanel

zooey invokes a lot of emotions for me: hair envy, clothes envy, show envy. and again, clothes envy. she always manages to look so darn cute and I love how she embraces her truly quirky style. her style off-screen is pretty similar to the character she plays on new girl, who is often dressed in modcloth, anthro and kate spade. the greatest part of her style is that it really is for the everygirl -- super accessible at different price points and fit for all body types (helloooo fit-and-flares!)  

oxfords // stripe blouse // shorts // tights // glasses // cat flats // dress // scarf // bag // dot blouse // blazer // nail art

what I'm reading // not that kind of girl

I finished this memoir a couple of weeks ago and I am kind of itching to pick it up again. Lena's book reads like an intimate (like, after a bottle of wine intimate) conversation with your best friend. With the frankness of David Sedaris and no-holds-barred humor Dunham's creative storytelling gives us a look into her eccentric private life. Her essays are the perfect gift for a sister or girlfriend and a not-so-subtle reminder that life is weird and awkward for everyone. 

In Three Words: Observant. Funny. Honest. 

weekend warrior // october 24

my favorite pin this week (above) via bungalow5.dk

hello friendlies! this week was full of new york adventures because my in-laws came to town! it's the perfect time to explore central park and walk through the crunchy leaves. we also visited two of my favorite foodie spots in the city: eataly and chelsea market! (definitely two must-sees if you're visiting!) we tried incredible mini donuts at the doughnuttery in chelsea market. I nearly passed out from happiness. check out my instagram for more of our adventures. 

chris and I plan to catch up on our normal life business this weekend -- groceries, meal planning, laundry, blah. I'd also like to find some time for a craft along the way. I'm thinking this from the free people blog would be perfect for a lazy afternoon. 

now, it's friday, go play! 

holiday dressing: part one // LBD


planning holiday outfits can be stressful or incredibly fun. I always try to start early so I'm not scrambling around town looking for something last minute -- that usually ends up being something similar to what I always wear, not a great investment, or something that looks totally out of place in my closet. over the next couple of months, I'll be posting a series of holiday outfit options for family get-togethers, nights on the town with friends, and cozy nights around the dinner table. this week's outfits are fit for LBD lovers heading to (or hosting) a party. 

cool // dress / headband / bag / flats

quirky // dress / hair twist / ring / boots

siren // dress / bag / shoes

sixties // dress / shoes / earrings

classic // dress / shoes / bag

modern // dress / shoes / earrings

glam // dress / bag / shoes / earrings

decorating with odds + ends

I took these pictures a while back at my old place. I wanted to revisit them now because I'm still shifting around my decorations in our flat. above our couch, I put together a gallery wall using decorative prints from several sources. I had an old fashion print calendar just sitting around my office, so I clipped one of my favorite pages out (a vintage versace ad) and put it in a small frame. framing records isn't anything new, but I love how they can be changed out really easily and inexpensively to match other prints you have on hand. Mixing in different media and textures is also a good way to keep the whole thing from looking too neat. 

I'd also decorated a kitchen wall with these shelves from ikea. they are inexpensive and easy to install -- not to mention they make your prints, or in this case, books, pop with little effort. I loved this look so much, I recently mounted one of these shelved above my TV for a collection of our prints. best part: it only took about five minutes.