our cross-country road trip

we packed our car to. the. max. the morning we headed east and high-tailed it to oklahoma city. 

Memphis was our first real pitstop. after cruising non-stop in the moving brick for two days, we loaded our plates with some true kentucky bbq at blues city cafe. i loved the neon signs on beale street!

my love for vintage signage carried on into nashville, where we wandered the streets in search of good music and cold beer.


hatch show print, an old letterpress shop, was one of my favorite destinations on our journey. the myriad colorful, creative posters made the perfect souvenir. 

unknownst to me, andrew jackson is chris' favorite president and whaddaya know, his home is in kentucky. we drove out to the hermitage for a late afternoon tour of the historic home, but i was more into the grounds outside. after arizona, the vast greenery and bright gardens were so relaxing to explore.

hitting up the bourbon trail was high on our must-see list so we hit up bardstown, kentucky for a day. we toured barton, willett (my favorite) and maker's mark. I even dipped my own whiskey bottle in red wax at maker's -- the perfect bar addition.

By the time we got to DC, we needed to take it easy. we strolled the mall and lounged in the shade. the light was incredible looking out from the capital building.

it was my first time visiting philadelphia and I didn't want to leave! we stayed at the palomar, a stunning boutique hotel with an emphasis on great design and guest experience. animal print robes? check! in-room yoga? check! stunning guest lounge in the lobby? double check! the list goes on. I would recommend it to anyone looking for a place to stay in the city. 

we walked to independence hall to get our history on, then cabbed it out to the eastern state penitentiary. I'd done some research on cool city sites and this tour -- narrated by steve buscemi --  was highly recommended. the historic prison was really a photographer's dream site. old cells, peeling paint and natural lighting were hauntingly beautiful through my lens. 

after wandering around for a few hours, we were famished. it was time for my first philly cheesesteak, and what better place to go than the original Pat's King of steaks. it. was. awesome. 

After fueling up, it was time to head to our new home! we pulled into manhattan in the early evening and saw our new home for the first time.

can't wait to share photos of our new home in the next few weeks!

what i'm reading // the year of magical thinking

in this touching true-life story, joan didion shares the heartbreaking tale of her husband's death and how she reflected upon her long marriage in the year following. I read this book while we were in morocco and I haven't stopped thinking or talking about it since. her story made me feel even closer to my husband and family, and led me to re-evaluate how I live in the moment and appreciate the ordinary. didion is a gifted observer and a brilliant writer, which led me to recently start blue nights, also by didion, about the loss of her daughter. while they are tough subjects and far from a typical "summer beach read," i highly recommend this book for anyone looking to do some introspection. 

happy heart // week 47


if i'm deciding on a place to vacation, the dream usually starts with a photograph. whether the initial trigger is a bright sandy beach or a bustling marketplace, i mentally catalog that image as a "must-see destination." this was one of the main attractions to visiting morocco for our honeymoon -- hours on pinterest drooling over the myriad colors and landscapes. 

for this week's happy heart, start a pinterest board, a bulletin board, or just photos stuck on the fridge to start your fantasy vacation list. 

// img via traveling colors // 

fall wardrobe wishlist


fall in phoenix wasn't really a season so much as an incredibly nice week stuck in mid-october. now that we are in manhattan, I'm excited to see the leaves change in the park and experience fall to its fullest -- that includes seasonal dressing!

sweatshirt dress // beanie // boots // sweatshirt // track pants // slip-ons // bow // bag (also love this) // coffee // coat // tights (similar) // dress

happy heart // week 46

For a long time, I was super guilty of harping on about work problems and stress during dinners with chris. I eventually realized I never felt truly relaxed at home because I carried my day into what was supposed to be personal time. Quitting this bad habit was definitely a worthwhile change. This week, make the conscious decision to keep work talk out of dinner conversation with your friends or significant other and focus on the here and now. 

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