weekend warrior // november 21

my favorite pin this week (above) via remain simple

the freezing cold has descended on new york but it hasn't slowed down our schedules. chris has been incredibly busy this week with school and I'm spending time running around with my parents who are visiting. tonight we are trying a new restaurant called the marshal and tomorrow we're hitting up the union square holiday market. check out my instagram to see what it's all about! 

it's friday -- go play! (and keep warm.)

cool right now // chelsea boots

I'm on the hunt for the perfect pair of chelsea boots this week! i gotta say -- it's not easy. there are so many interpretations of this shoe and some people have very specific taste as to what makes this style "true." (eg. chris hates when the stretchy part shows the elastic.) I'm looking for classic black with a slightly pointed toe and a nice height on the ankle. (I gotta say -- I'm also really drawn to that first gun metal pair up top.) which style is your favorite?

metallic // left // center // right

black // left // center // right

colors // left // center // right

dream closet // stevie nicks

stevie has such an iconic style that a single piece is capable of channeling her dreamy 70s witchy look. not only is her style insanely cool, her music has maintained its relevance decades later. check out this amazing video of her singing wild heart backstage. so stunning!

necklace // maxi dress // knee-high boots // bangles // kimono (similar) // scarf // wide-leg pants // hat // red boots // mini dress // 

weekend warrior // november 14

my favorite pin this week (above) via bldg 25 blog

my sleep schedule has been completely bonkers lately. I've been staying up until 5 a.m. and waking up halfway through the day. and lemme tell ya -- daylight savings time is not helping. thanks, 4:30 p.m. sunsets!

i've already made some major progress on my holiday shopping. seems a little nuts, but I'd rather focus on the festivities and spending time with my friends than stressing over gifts.

my parents are coming out to visit again next week, then it's time to prepare for thanksgiving (!) at allie and scott's house. can you believe it's here already? i've been scouring recipes on pinterest and i am so jazzed.

also, it's friday -- go play!