my fall favorites

I've been wanting to do a favorites post on things that I've been enjoying lately. 

1 // I bought this bracelet by victoria bekerman the other day at the union square holiday market. I loved how dainty but strong all of her pieces are and opted for this good luck charm. 

2// I found this incredible candle at story in new york. it smells just like a forest therefore I had to have it! Chris loves these kinds of woodsy scents so I knew he wouldn't mind one more candle. the candle is made by rosy rings and I purchased the scent black vetiver and oak. perfect for winter.

3// chris and I have been hooked on mint tea ever since we went to morocco and I've been on the hunt for a comparable tasting brand in our neighborhood. pukka showed up on the shelves of our grocery store, so we gave it a shot. while it's not exactly the same, we are pretty addicted to its refreshing scent and taste. 

I've found lots of great new beauty products lately, including this amazing contraption for organizing my makeup. It's completely changed my morning routine for the better. 

1// the tangle teezer has changed my life. no really. I'm not joking. I have the most tangliest tangles of all time -- ask my husband or my hair dresser. I've been known to just not brush my hair because it is so exhausting and hard on my tresses. until now. this brush actually makes me excited to sort out my hair because I'm constantly amazed by how it works. 

2// this stuff is so amazing, chris has started to use it sneaky-style. it's called medicine mama's sweet bee magic and i dare say it's essential during these cold, dry months. we've both noticed a drastic change in our skin since using this stuff.

3// for the prettiest fall eye color, I turn to Mac's amber lights. this color instantly adds a nice warmth to my face. I pair it with a dark brown in the crease and smudge on brown eyeliner to finish it off. 

'tis the season to be attached to your television. it's only natural to be curled up on your couch, a slave to your netflix or cable provider during cold months, right?

1// peaky blinders is a hidden gem on netflix. I don't hear much about it but we started to watch it on a lazy sunday when the first season came out. lots of early 1900s gangster stuff and lots of lovely looking men. (In fact, think these guys would fit in just fine in brooklyn circa 2014.) the second season just came out and we've already devoured all six (yes, only six) episodes.  

2// oh, how I do love a crime drama and this is one I haven't really given a chance in the past. I watched the damages pilot and I was all, oh this looks pretty good, but I got distracted and that was that. I recently started the series again and I am so. hooked. there are so many twists and turns and the acting is great. glenn close is the queen of crazy eyes. 

3// finally, on a lighter note, there is 'marry me,' which just premiered on NBC and I'm so excited to see casey wilson back on primetime. If you also have a happy endings-shaped hole in your heart, this show will might make you feel whole again. there have only been a handful of episodes so far, but I'm really cheering for this one to hit its stride. 

weekend warrior // november 21

my favorite pin this week (above) via remain simple

the freezing cold has descended on new york but it hasn't slowed down our schedules. chris has been incredibly busy this week with school and I'm spending time running around with my parents who are visiting. tonight we are trying a new restaurant called the marshal and tomorrow we're hitting up the union square holiday market. check out my instagram to see what it's all about! 

it's friday -- go play! (and keep warm.)

cool right now // chelsea boots

I'm on the hunt for the perfect pair of chelsea boots this week! i gotta say -- it's not easy. there are so many interpretations of this shoe and some people have very specific taste as to what makes this style "true." (eg. chris hates when the stretchy part shows the elastic.) I'm looking for classic black with a slightly pointed toe and a nice height on the ankle. (I gotta say -- I'm also really drawn to that first gun metal pair up top.) which style is your favorite?

metallic // left // center // right

black // left // center // right

colors // left // center // right

dream closet // stevie nicks

stevie has such an iconic style that a single piece is capable of channeling her dreamy 70s witchy look. not only is her style insanely cool, her music has maintained its relevance decades later. check out this amazing video of her singing wild heart backstage. so stunning!

necklace // maxi dress // knee-high boots // bangles // kimono (similar) // scarf // wide-leg pants // hat // red boots // mini dress //