weekend warrior // december 12

my favorite pin this week (above) via mildred mildred

it's been a kooky couple of weeks around here. meetings, errands and to-do lists are taking up all of my mental bandwidth so I've forced myself to squeeze in some much-needed friend time. 

last night I met up with my sweet friend claire to peruse the booths at the winter village in bryant park. it was the perfect outing to bundle up and pick out a few stocking stuffers. We also grabbed some hot chocolate from max brenner (it was like drinking chocolate lava) and watched the ice skaters whirl around and trip over each other. i really indulged in the opportunity to slow down, enjoy a friend, and experience the holidays the way we're meant to. 

My poor husband, however, is not. Chris' first final is on Monday, and as a first-year law student, he's pretty stressed out. I've been helping wherever I can and planning a nice break once he's submitted his last test.  For the first time ever, we won't be spending the holidays with our families so menu planning is falling solely on me this year. I'm looking forward to incorporating a few of our family traditions with new ones of our own. (I'll be posting about hosting holiday events on the blog next week!)

also ... it's friday, go get yourself a hot chocolate!

real talk // I did my best

When a friend comes to you with something they are nervous about, it's easy to tell them, "don't worry! you got this!" And it's easy to do because I genuinely believe in my friends, but for some reason, it's hard to be that person for myself all the time. I always have a little bit of fear running through me when I am interviewing somewhere, meeting with someone who could impact my career, or giving a presentation to a handful of people. That fear tells me I'm not good enough, that the other candidates are better than me, that I won't be taken seriously because of my age. It takes over my mood for hours leading up to the event and I struggle to find ways to relax and believe in myself. Even if I do a decent job, I end up taking the long way home, recounting every silly thing I said, even waking up in the middle of the night thinking I could have answered a question in a better way.

The thing is, I do my best. I prepare my best, dress my best, and be the best version of myself I can be at that time. I try to remember that I'm allowed to feel nervous. The situation is inherently stressful and that's ok. it's good to feel afraid sometimes. it makes you stronger. self doubt is a nasty little thing, but everyone has it at some point. being your own cheerleader isn't as easy as it looks -- it takes practice. just make the most of what resources you have, in that time, and give it a shot. getting up there and trying is a step further than you were yesterday. whether or not the opportunity is successful, you can feel successful. be better than you were yesterday, and try your best. 


one of the most exciting parts of the holiday season is adding shiny new party dresses to your closet. these extra special pieces should bring a smile to your face and make you feel like a trillion bucks. For holidays, I've got a weakness for all things shiny. I'm lookin' at you, navy minidress. 

glam // dress / bag / polish 

romantic // dress / bag / polish 

party girl // dress / bag / polish 

classic // dress / bag / polish 

sweet // dress / bag / polish 

sophisticate // dress / bag / polish 

pop art // dress / bag / polish 

rebel // dress / bag / polish 

weekend warrior // december 5

my favorite pin this week (above) via the sartorialist

chris and I have been running all over the city this week with jam-packed schedules. Unfortunately, that means we haven't been able to spend much time together. I've been running around to different meetings and appointments and he's always at school or studying. I'm really looking forward to a weekend locked up at home staying warm and enjoying our tree. 

In the evenings, I've been layering up with a seasonal candle lit, a delicious mug of tea, and netflix marathons. I feel good about it. 

it's friday -- go play! 


my favorite podcasts (right now)

I've been exploring some new podcasts lately and I've added a few gems to my playlist. I've been committed to This American Life and Stuff You Should Know for a while, but when I started our cross-country road trip this past summer, I started searching for more inspiring and informative 'casts. In no particular order, here are a few of my current favorites ...

1// the one you feed (inspirational) - this one is my most recent addition and I was immediately drawn after I heard the founder's interview on the lively show (below). the show uses the parable of the two wolves (one representing good, one representing bad) that live inside of us and our successes and outlook are dependent on "the one we feed." guests on the show describe what this story means for them and discuss their efforts to live consciously and do good with their work.  

2// serial (informative) - this new podcast has gained a huge following in just its first season. backed by the producers of This American Life, Serial tells a single story in several installments over a long period of time. This first season revolves around a murder trial and the conviction of Adnan Syed. It's really a gripping and well-produced piece of investigative journalism. 

3// the lively show (inspirational) - Jess Lively hosts this podcast with the intent of teaching others how to live life with more intention. I love the variety of creative and inspiring guests she hosts, including one of my favorite girlbosses -- jen gotch!

4// savage lovecast (advice) - Dan Savage's up-front, humorous podcast is one part op-ed on politics and current events and another part Q&A. Listeners call in with sex and relationship problems/questions and Dan offers entertaining, pragmatic -- warning! often graphic -- answers and commentary. 

5// stuff you missed in history class (informative) - I downloaded this podcast after being a long-time fan of Stuff You Should Know for our cross-country drive when we moved this summer. The hosts offer a myriad of subjects entertaining for people of all ages -- though I'd steer away from the more macabre subjects when listening with kids. I've learned a lot about historical figures and love that it's easy to jump it at any point and listen back to old episodes.

6// the accidental creative (inspirational) - For those in a creative industry or looking to expand their creative bandwidth, the accidental creative is the perfect resource. Learn how to effectively focus your ideas, overcome setbacks, and handle the stresses of constantly producing new content. 

If you've got any other favorites, I'd love to hear about them!

at the top of my holiday wishlist


oh man, these goodies are good. this year I've been drawn to cozy bits like those thick phrase socks and that chunky asos sweater up top. all these small little bits are a far cry from my "bigger is better" wishlist method of my youth, but now I just want sweet every day products to make life a little more jolly. 

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