coolest spring sandals

i have been sandal crazy lately. after putting together this collage, I am definitely spotting my favorite trends: graphic, patent leather, color-blocking, a touch of tribal.

Which are your favorites? I just got these over the weekend and they are so cute and comfy!

where to get 'em ...

1// saturday 2// nordstrom 3// gap 4// sole society 5// shopbop 6// coach 7// need supply 8// lulu's 9// madewell 10// lulu's

happy heart: week 28

via style me pretty - jess lively

via style me pretty - jess lively

next time you are knee-deep in organization and spring cleaning, think about how you can make that space feel better. for most of us, spaces such as drawers, closets and cabinets often get filled to the brim and left closed to avoid a headache. if you are taking the time to clean out a space, step back and think how it could be pleasing to the eye, but still super functional. I love the picture above as inspiration for storing paper and printing goods. It looks nice enough to leave uncovered and is still incredibly easy to find what is needed.

Start small with desk drawers and leave the big stuff for a weekend project.

weekend warrior // april 11

via tumblr

via tumblr

days without carbs: 3

current cravings: chocolate chip cookies, pancakes

number of meltdowns: 2

pounds lost: 3

ok, so it's been a tough couple of days, but I can already tell a difference in my energy and my waist. no after-eating bloat for this girl. 

i'm going to try baking something this weekend, but my hopes are not too high. 

if you want to know more about going keto or paleo, check out this week's podcast episode. we also discuss our current reads and that crazy dove ad everyone's talking about. 

have a fun weekend!


my dieting stint

via paleofoodiekitchen

via paleofoodiekitchen

i never diet. like ever.

i'll be the first to admit that I am incredibly impatient and have zero will power. 

so why, you may ask, am I doing this to myself?

honestly, i've been feeling super crummy lately. i'm tired all of the time, grumpy and out-of-my-mind stressed. I fall asleep the minute I get home from work and if I manage to stay awake, I comfort myself with chinese takeout and popcorn.

nahhhht so good.

so today I embarked on a mini ketogenic journey (16 days) to see if it makes any difference in how I feel. i plan to survive on eggs, bacon, veggies, fish and a zillion bottles of water. 

have you ever tried keto or paleo? will you pray for me?


happy heart: week 27

via madewell

via madewell

While it's not exactly a thrilling way to spend your free time, the end result of this chore will leave you feeling relieved.

Throw out all of the trash and sort any random junk you've piled up. Once you're done, put together an emergency kit for your trunk and make sure you're glove box has all of the essentials (up-to-date insurance card, phone charger, a pair of scissors, tide to-go stick, etc. ). Lastly, give it a bath, get your oil changed if you're past due, and check the air pressure on your tires. You'll be road-trip ready in no time.